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Dublin African Film Festival (DAFF) prides its uniqueness by creating a sustainable forum of exchange between the wider Irish society and the African film industry. Check out this year's DAFF events.

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We’re all about making a big difference.

Founded in 2011 by a social justice, humanitarian and project expert Reginald Oko-Flex Inya, after many years of consultations with relevant stakeholders – Dublin African Film Festival is fast establishing itself as Ireland’s premier feature film festival, especially showcasing the vibrant African films in Ireland’s capital city over several days and nights with awards.

DAFF continues its commitment to promoting art-form entertainment as an expression of celebrating continental African beauty and lifestyles. Amongst films, screening is also Irish premieres, and for some of the films shown, the festival represents the only public screening that will take place in Ireland. DAFF is also an initiative that gives life to arts and films through which diversity and commonalities in identity are explored and promoted between Africans and wider Irish audience.
It is hugely important to organize a unique event such as the Dublin African Film Festival to address the communication gap occasioned by lack of understanding and opportunity to cherish diversity in Ireland as we accommodate and tolerate each culture and lifestyles.
DAFF works hard to increasing new audience to Irish cinema experience, attracts a huge number of guests from beyond Irish shores to celebrate the beauty of Ireland and her hospitality!
Director and producer Obi Emelonye, Minister Joe Costello TD, George Alabi of Nigerian Embassy Dublin all of whom have experienced DAFF red Carpet and a great event and remained staunch patrons of DAFF. The wider audiences and industry practitioners have been delighted to meet a wide diverse range of luminaries and gain insights into every area of the African film world including perspectives from directors, producers, screenwriters and critics.
Each year the DAFF recognizes the good works of diverse individuals using films to promote the image of African lifestyles and people in Ireland, promotion of social inclusion-justice and equality.

Each year the DAFF recognises the good works of diverse individuals using films to promote the image of Africa in Ireland, promotion of social inclusion-justice and equality.

Please join us as we celebrate every year our common humanity through Films and Festival in Dublin.

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